Joint Recruitment of Teaching Patients for Orthodontic Treatment

The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (the Hospital) and The Institute for Advanced Dentistry – Multi-Specialty Clinic of the University of Hong Kong (IAD Clinic) will jointly admit a limited number of teaching patients for orthodontic treatment so as to provide an integral part of the undergraduate teaching programme delivered by Faculty of Dentistry of The University of Hong Kong (the Faculty) and the taught postgraduate programme undertaken at the IAD Clinic. Treatment will only be arranged for those whose dental conditions are suitable for teaching purposes.


Waiting Time

If you are accepted as a teaching patient, your waiting time before the commencement of treatment will depend on our teaching requirements and will vary from several weeks to several years.


Treatment Arrangements

The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

Operator: Undergraduate students

Service Area: Examination: including analyzing the x-ray films and oral condition of teaching patients, taking impression of teeth and setting out treatment plan. The undergraduate students may also assist the postgraduate students in making retainer if required. Teaching patients may choose to seek orthodontic treatment outside the Hospital or at the IAD Clinic after completion of the pre-treatment examination.

Fee: Attendance fee of the Hospital Please refer to for details. Those orthodontic treatments fee items as listed in the Schedule of Fees for Teaching Patient of the Hospital are not applicable to this joint recruitment.


The Institute for Advanced Dentistry – Multi-Specialty Clinic

Operator: Taught postgraduate students

Service Area: Orthodontic treatment: including carrying out the treatment plan until completion of treatment, making retainer and post-treatment case review.

Fee: Schedule of Fees of the IAD Clinic

Treatment Records: Though teaching patients have to register and pay to the Hospital and the IAD Clinic separately, their personal data and treatment records will be shared by these two organisations for treatment and related purposes.


Recruitment Arrangements

1.  Limited quota. First-come-first-served.

2.  Interested persons must fulfill the following criteria:

  • aged 10 to 40 as of 1 July 2020; and
  • have never received any orthodontic treatment before.

3.  Eligible persons may apply via the following means:

  • by fax (3979 9178); or
  • by email (

Please mark “Admission of Teaching Patients for Orthodontic Treatment” in the heading.

On application, the following information of the interested person should be provided: (a) name, (b) date of birth, (c) name of contact person and (d) contact telephone number.

4.  Successfully registered persons will be contacted by IAD Clinic on a timely basis.


9 July 2020

Please download PDF here