Recruitment of Teaching Patients for Special Care Dentistry

For the new training programme for registered dentists and dental surgery assistants to acquire skills in providing treatments to people with intellectual disability, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (“the Hospital”) is recruiting a limited number of people with intellectual disability meeting the following criteria as teaching patients:


  1. Aged 18 or above; and
  2. With mild or moderate intellectual disability


Suitable people will be provided with examination/ treatments free of charge


Treatments that could be provided (depending on individuals’ oral condition)

  1. Scaling
  2. Restoration
  3. Extraction of teeth
  4. Simple endodontic treatment


Treatments that could NOT been provided or arranged for referral to other institutions

  1. Treatments under general anaesthesia
  2. Prescription or maintenance of dental appliances

Note: Given the limitation of the function of the Hospital, the Hospital is NOT able to provide long-term care to any teaching patients. For the Hospital’s function and treatment arrangements, please refer to the “Notice to Members of Public Who Intend to Seek Dental Treatment from the Hospital” and “Teaching Patient’s Declaration Form”.


Recruitment Arrangements

  1. The quota is set at 250. On first-come-first-served basis
  2. No need to apply on site. Interested persons may apply from today by completing the form on “Application for Enrolment as a Teaching Patient for Special Care Dentistry” and sending it to the Hospital via the following means:
    • Fax to 2859 0232; OR
    • Email to
      (Please mark “Recruitment of Teaching Patients for Special Care Dentistry” in the heading of the Email.)
  3. The Hospital will contact the Contact Person to arrange screening which will take place in the Hospital. Teaching patients have to arrange their own transport.


Please Download PDF here.