• The objects of The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (the Hospital) shall be to provide facilities for the training of dentists and other persons in professions supplementary to dentistry. The Hospital does not provide public dental services.

Acceptance of Private Fee Paying Patients

Private fee paying patients (private patients) will only be accepted with referral from sources outside the Hospital. The referring sources are normally dental or medical practitioners seeking specialists’ consultation and treatment on behalf of the patients.

Provision of Treatments to Private Patients

Treatments to private patients are provided by authorised teaching staff of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong with the assistance of Hospital staff.


Read the "Statement of Collection of Personal Information from Patients"

You are advised to read the “Statement of Collection of Personal Information from Patients” before registration.

Complete a "Private Fee Paying Patient's Declaration Form"

You must complete a “Private Fee Paying Patient’s Declaration Form” on registration.

Present your original identification document with your referral letter and deposit a sum of HK$1,000 at the time of registration

You must present your original identification document (e.g. HKID Card or birth certificate) with your referral letter and deposit a sum of HK$1,000 at the time of registration. The Hospital reserves the right not to proceed with registration if there are doubts about the documents presented.

Initial Deposit

Please note that the deposit is non-interest bearing and will be refunded by a crossed cheque when treatment has been completed, and all fees and charges (including charges for the services rendered by other persons or institutions in the course of treatment) have been paid. The Account Payee will be the same as the one you provided at the time of registration. Any request for changes to Account Payee must be made in writing.

If you fail to settle your fees and charges before the date specified on any demand note, the deposit will be used to offset against the outstanding bills until exhausted. If the deposit cannot be refunded due to loss of contact with you for a period of three years after discharge, the Hospital will then recognise the deposit as the Hospital’s income. Subsequent request for refund of the deposit will be subject to approval on case-by-case basis.

Private Patients Fees

Please ask your attending clinician(s) about the treatment fees and charges (inclusive of charges for radiodiagnostic services, dental appliances and other cost recoverable items) which may vary with individuals’ oral condition. The price ranges for some of the fee items are uploaded onto the Hospital website (www.ppdh.org.hk) for reference.

During your treatment in this Hospital, if services from other persons or institutions are needed (e.g. pathology testing or radiodiagnostic services), you also have to pay the corresponding charges. If situation allows, service providers will charge you direct; otherwise, you have to pay the charges through the Hospital together with an administrative overhead charged by the Hospital.


Schedule of Fees


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Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Closed


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