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HK$70,000 per academic year


This one-year Advanced Diploma programme aims to prepare Dental Hygienist to pursue a career as Dental Therapist. The programme comprises lectures, tutorials, practicums, discussions, demonstrations and clinical practice. Graduates could be part of the dental team in the Department of Health to deliver oral health services within the framework of the School Dental Care Service.

The Department of Health provides annual dental check-up, basic and preventive dental treatment for all the primary school children in Hong Kong through the School Dental Care Service (SDCS). The services of SDCS are performed by qualified Dental therapists and that include oral health education, scaling and polishing, fluoride application, sealant application, radiograph-taking, simple restoration and extractions.

Programme Details

For application details, please refer to the webpage of HKU SPACE (click here)


The programme consists of four modules: 

  1. Managing Dental Caries in Children
  2. Medical and Dental Problems in Children
  3. Dental Public Health and Ethics
  4. Clinical Dentistry


Mode of Delivery

Lectures will be delivered in English. Clinical sessions may be conducted in Cantonese. Most of the lectures will be delivered at the Prince Philip Dental Hospital and clinical practice will be carried out in the School Dental Care Service of the Department of Health.



Students are assessed by quizzes, tests, written examinations, practical exercises and examinations, case evaluation and clinical viva examinations. The attendance requirement of each module is at least 90%.



The Advanced Diploma in Dental Therapy will be awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE to candidates who have successfully attended, completed and passed the assessments of ALL modules.

Admission Requirements

Applicants shall hold a Higher Diploma in Dental Hygiene awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.

Applicants with other equivalent qualifications will be considered on an individual basis.

Tuition Fee

Application Fee: HK$150 (non-refundable)

Course Fee: HK$70,000 (subject to revision)


Sponsorship Scheme

To attract talented individuals to join the professional field as dental therapist, the Department of Health of the Government of HKSAR has set up a sponsorship scheme to provide financial assistance to the graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Dental Therapy programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, the graduates can receive a full sponsorship of the tuition fee under the conditions specified by the government. The sponsorship amount is up to HK$70,000. For details, please click here.


For application details, please refer to the webpage of HKU SPACE (click here)


This programme is jointly organised with HKU SPACE, and with the support of Department of Health
Tel: 2975 5697