Full-time / Part-time

15 August 2022 (Tentative)

1-year Full-time

2-year Part-time Day Release

Full-time: HK$28,000 per annum

Part-time: HK$14,000 per annum


A Dental Surgery Assistant is a very important member of the dental team, who assists the dentist at the chairside with the care of patients before, during and after treatment. His/Her attitude can make a tremendous difference to how a patient accepts the treatment and how he/she helps the dentist achieve the set goals.

Programme Details

Application deadline: 22 July 2022


Diploma in Dental Surgery Assisting

This course provides both basic theory training and clinical practice for Student Dental Surgery Assistants. In the academic year 2022/23, the Hospital will enroll eligible local students to its 1-year full-time and 2-year part-time day release training course leading to the award of Diploma in Dental Surgery Assisting.



To prepare the student be competent in providing assistance to the members of dental team.


Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing the training course, students should be able to:

    1. Assist the dentist at the chairside with the care of patients before, during and after treatment;
    2. Apply knowledge of infection control in the maintenance of environments, instruments and equipment in the dental clinic; and
    3. Provide dental health education to patients for prevention of dental diseases, e.g. caries, periodontal diseases and erosion.


Qualities of a Dental Surgery Assistant

  1. Optimistic and sociable
  2. Cheerful with a ready smile
  3. Accommodating, sympathetic and understanding
  4. With common sense
  5. With initiative
  6. With good communication skills
  7. Able to perform as a team player
  8. Reliable
  9. Flexible
  10. With neat and professional appearance

Admission Requirements

(1) Five (5) subjects, including English Language, attaining Level 2 or above in HKDSEE* or equivalent; or

      *Apart from English Language, the other four (4) subjects could be:

      – “Attained” or above in Applied Learning (ApL) subjects [subject to a maximum of two (2) ApL subjects], or

      – Grade E or above in other language subjects.

(2) Five (5) subjects, including English Language^, attaining Grade E/ Level 2 or above in HKCEE, or equivalent; or

      ^For English Language (Syllabus A) in pre-2007 HKCEE, only Grade C or above will be considered.

(3) Full Project Yi Jin Certificate/ Diploma; or

(4) Aged 21 or above at the start of the commencing academic year; or

(5) Minimum one-year full-time working experience as a Dental Surgery Assistant.

(6) Applicants for the 2-year Part-time Day Release course should be currently employed and will continue to work as a DSA if they are accepted for the course.


Important note: As the Hospital is implementing the Vaccine Pass, all applicants and students must receive the required dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine according to the latest vaccination requirement of the Vaccine Pass announced by the government, for attending admission interview and training at the Hospital premises (except those being exempted).

Tuition Fee

Full-time: HK$28,000 per annum (by two equal instalments)

Part-time: HK$14,000 per annum (by two equal instalments)

Subject to revision; and non-refundable unless the course is cancelled.


Please refer to the document “Admission & Student Affairs” for application method.


This programme support by the Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Hong Kong


Para-dental Training Centre of the Hospital: 2859 0531