A Pilot Scheme for Recruitment of Young Teaching Patients

The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (“the Hospital”) believes that oral health education and care should start from an early age, and therefore the Hospital is now launching a pilot scheme to recruit young teaching patients for the designated purpose of teaching undergraduate dental students of Faculty of Dentistry of The University of Hong Kong, which also helps encourage our young citizens to learn about the importance of oral health care and how to develop good hygiene habits.


Recruitment Arrangements


1. Participants must fulfill the following criteria:
• aged 14 to 30; and
• have never received initial examination or treatment in the Hospital


2. Interested persons may apply by providing the following details or the completed form in this page to the Hospital via fax (no.: 2859 0232) or by email (enquiry@ppdh.org.hk). Please mark “Recruitment of Young Teaching Patients” in the submission.
• Name
• Date of birth
• Name of Contact Person
• Contact number


3. Successfully registered persons will be contacted by the Hospital in due course.


4. Participants will be entitled to a free initial examination.


5. If participants are accepted as teaching patients, treatments to be provided and the number of visits will depend on the teaching requirements and the participants’ oral condition.


Treatments/Services that could be provided (not on the same date of initial examination)


(1) Oral hygiene instruction
(2) Scaling
(3) Restoration
(4) Extraction of teeth
(5) Endodontic treatment
(6) Crown restoration



Please download PDF here