Statement of Data Collection for Recorded Images Collected through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance and Recording System

This Statement is to set out the purposes for the collection of data for recorded images and the management of the recorded images collected through a Closed Circuit Television Surveillance and Recording System (“CCTV System”) by The Prince Philip Dental Hospital (“PPDH”).


Purposes and Manner of Images Collection


2.     PPDH has installed a 24-hour CCTV System with cameras positioned at various visible locations to record images and activities inside the Hospital building, and at areas near the emergency exits of the Hospital building which may cover areas outside the Hospital boundaries. These areas include but not limited to the Hospital entrances, corridors, lift cars, lift lobbies, hallways, carparks, emergency exits, stores, patient waiting areas, reception counters or plant rooms. In addition, bilingual notices in both Chinese and English are displayed at certain places inside the Hospital building to inform the public of the presence of the CCTV System.


3.     PPDH collects image data through the CCTV System for the following purposes:

    (a) to ensure the safety and security of the occupants (e.g. employees and students of the University of Hong Kong and PPDH working or studying inside the Hospital building), as well as the users of the PPDH facilities (e.g. patients, visitors or vehicle drivers);

    (b) to serve as a preventive mechanism to deter criminal activities and as a device to facilitate crime or incident investigation;

    (c) to facilitate effective crowd control, facility management and rescue under emergency situations, such as during fire outbreak or when someone is trapped inside a lift; and

    (d) to facilitate contact tracing or any related purposes pertaining to a communicable disease or effective building management during a pandemic.


4.     During the operation of the CCTV System, the facial images of individuals, their activities, and images of vehicles may have been captured.


Use of Recorded Images and Classes of Transferees


5.     All recorded images are used by the PPDH Security Office and organisations/ companies entrusted by PPDH for provision of security services, or maintenance of the CCTV System or lifts, for purposes as stated in paragraph 3 above or any related purposes. Examples of use or retrieval of recorded images for review or duplication include, inter alia, the following situations:

    (a) to exercise real-time surveillance of all images being captured and displayed on the monitors located at the Security Counter;

    (b) to investigate into incidents of security concern by the PPDH Security Office;

    (c) to exercise effective crowd control and rescue under emergency situations, such as during fire outbreak or when someone is being trapped inside a lift;

    (d) to conduct internal training on crime prevention;

    (e) to trace the contacts of those infected with a communicable disease; and

    (f) to carry out maintenance and testing of the CCTV System or lifts.

6.     PPDH may disclose or transfer any recorded images (either the original or duplicated copies) to:

    (a) any law enforcement agencies, such as Hong Kong Police Force or Fire Services Department, to facilitate their criminal investigation purposes;

    (b) any Government departments or statutory bodies when PPDH is required to provide by virtue of laws;

    (c) any healthcare or higher education institutions, such as the Department of Health, Hospital Authority or The University of Hong Kong for contact tracing pertaining to a communicable diseases; and

    (d) insurance brokers and insurers entrusted by PPDH.


7.     Unless with the prior consent of the individual concerned, PPDH will not use, disclose or transfer the recorded images for any purposes other than those stated above.

Retention Period of Recorded Images

8.     In general, the recorded images collected from the CCTV System in PPDH will be deleted within 30 days when they are no longer needed.

9.     If the recorded images are related to incidents of security concern, offence, prosecution, claim or communicable disease, they will be kept for a longer period, and/or be transferred to those parties mentioned in paragraph 6 above for retention for a longer period, as deemed appropriate.

Security of Recorded Images

10.     All recorded images will be kept strictly confidential and in safe custody by PPDH, unless they have been temporarily transferred to those parties mentioned in paragraph 6 above.

11.     PPDH will not allow any individuals other than the authorised employees or parties to get access to the Security Counter, or monitor the CCTV System. Only authorised PPDH employees could retrieve images from the CCTV System.


12.     Enquiries about data collection relating to the images collected through CCTV System are to be addressed to:

Hospital Administrator 1

The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

34 Hospital Road

Hong Kong

Fax: 2517 4179